About Me

Born into one of the most diverse and historically rich cities in the world, I am proud to call myself a Londoner. However I am not an historian, nor an anthropologist, what I am is an insatiable thief.  I pinch bits from histories ancient and modern, I steal from all cultures and I bring them together to create pieces which are deliberately ambiguous in date and origin whilst retaining a sense of the familiar.  By using one material to portray another, I can enjoy adding further to the contradiction.

Acolyte1My hope is that the viewer will make their own stories, so I try to imbue my characters with their own limited existence. The hardness of the material adds little to this aim, but by closing their eyes, I hide their blindness. By denying them a mouth, I seal in their voice. So, just possibly, when you look into their faces, you may imagine them gently hum.

I also borrow from life, but ultimately my pieces are fantasies inspired by words or animals which hopefully, share a quirkiness and humour designed to raise a smile.


I studied at Wimbledon School of Art as a mature student and have always preferred to work figuratively. I like to work predominantly in clay and other malleable materials as it gives me greater control.  I also undertake private commissions within my format of style. I then cast my own work as limited editions in bronze or resins.

Please feel free to contact me, I will help if I can.








Unless otherwise stated, all pieces are suitable for outdoors throughout the year